We’ve partnered with Nottingham University and it’s here that all our products are rigorously independently tested to ensure that the high performance we promise our clients can be achieved.


fall protection testing



Where GRP is required to support the loads indicated in the load/span tables, a minimum 50mm continuous support is required for the end bearing. In all situations a 55mm support is recommended to allow for construction tolerance in the support/panel cutting whilst ensuring the minimum 50mm bearing is achieved.


Panels should be securely fixed to the supporting structure at 500mm centres along the perimeter of the panel to provide a minimum of four fixings per panel (one in each corner).


It’s recommended to also fix to any intermediate supports where uplift may occur due to a non-uniform load being applied to the panel.

fall protection testing

Fixings can be either bolt or screw type and should be designed to be installed and removed from the upper surface of the panel.

At the start of the process, the fixing supplier should be consulted, as in many applications, a stainless-steel fixing will be necessary depending on the corrosivity of the environment.

If screw fixings are used, they should be a minimum of 5.5mm diameter and suitable for the type and thickness of support. To minimise the projection of the fixing above the panel surface to less than 4mm, holding down clamps (Saddle Clamp), or dome washers should be used at fixing locations.

Joining Panels

Joining panels

Where panels less than 1m wide butt against each other at side locations and there are local concentrated loads or voids required in the panels, it may be necessary to clip the panels together using joining clips.

The spacing of side joining clamp are similar to that of the main fixings, 500mm maximum centres, with at least two per joint.

Load Testing

load testing

All products and load or span literature is assessed from load testing carried out at Nottingham University in accordance with BS EN 124-1 and BS 4592-0.

Anti-Slip Surface

anti-slip surface

All grating products are provided with a gritted finish for a higher anti-slip surface.