Fibreglass GRP FAQs

Fibreglass GRP FAQs

Can you walk on the Fibreglass GRP panels?

A. Yes. Once the panels have been fixed into place, our panels can withstand the loadings noted on our product data on each product page (more than the weight of an average person). It is crucial that panels are not installed past their maximum spans and sufficient bearing (50mm) is maintained to all four sides of the panels.

Q. Are the panels QA tested?

We have run extensive tests on our test batch of GRP panels (to fail). Each panel is visually inspected and deemed OK before it is sent for delivery.

Q. Are all the panels the same size?

A. All our fibreglass GRP panels come in a full sheet size (3660mm x 1220mm) however, the depth of the sheet does vary between 38-50mm deep depending on the product ordered.

Q. What is GRP made from?

A. GRP is an abbreviation of ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’ or Glass Reinforced Polymer – It can also often refer to as FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) or RSG (Reinforced Safety Grating). The process in which these panels are made is extremely labour intensive with panels formed by a person.

Q. Are there any delivery charges?

A. Yes, there are delivery charges but these vary from where you are located in the UK, and these can be calculated on checkout.

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